10 Fun Things to Do When Guests Come to Visit Busan

As curfews have relaxed and travel is slowly beginning to return, you may find yourself with family overseas or a friend from out of town visiting the city.

It’s always a stressful time trying to figure out what to do and where to take them whether it’s a two-day stay or a two-week stay.

So what are some fun, easy things to do?

Here’s a shortlist of fun things you can do when your guests arrive to leave them with a great impression of the city.

Go to the highest observatory in the country

Located at the LCT in Haeundae, Busan X The Sky is the highest observation deck in Korea where you can also enjoy sea and city views. Bonus feature — you can also take them to the highest Starbucks in the world.

Enjoy great views from the Songdo cable car

The Busan Sea Cruise has brought instant tourism revitalization to Songdo Beach. You can also check out the Sea Diving boards and the Songdo Skywalk while you’re in the area.

Take a night cruise around the bay

Get on a boat and explore the city on the seas with great night views that’s fun for the whole family. Check out the city’s guide to getting out on the waters.

Do a city tour

The easiest way to see the city in a day, hop aboard a daily tour which gives you an affordable way to show your guest the city and explore places you may not have been yourself.

Do some street eating in Nampodong

Sampling from Busan’s ample street food offerings is the best way to try some local cuisine while warming the body and mind. Don’t miss the Ssiat Hotteok, Eomuk, Danpatjuk, and EoYubu Jumeoni and try your luck at playing the Dalgona game, made popular from the Netflix series “Squid Game”.

Take a day trip to Gyeongnam

Walk, rest, and enjoy the cool autumn breeze at these 13 recommended non-face-to-face safe tourist destinations in Gyeongsangnam-do, all within a day trips range of Busan.

Eat some great local food

Enjoy a great lunch or dinner at one of the city’s restaurants and enjoy some great traditional Korean food. You can check out some of our recommended restaurants if you’re looking for a place to go or check out the Busan Food group on Facebook.

Take a train ride on the Haeundae Beach Train

The train runs 4.8-kilometers at the eco-friendly Haeundae Blue Line Park along the abandoned site of the old Donghae Nambu Line and lets riders enjoy spectacular coastal views of East Busan.

Take a cable car up to Geumjeongsanseong Fortress

Built in 1966, the vintage cable cars travel 1.26 kilometers to the top of the 540-meter tall mountain ridge. The cars travel slow enough that the passengers can enjoy the lush mountain face, bright downtown lights and if they’re lucky, even catch a glimpse of the Haeundae seashore.

Enjoy the beauty of Taejongdae

No trip to Busan is complete unless you check out Taejongdae, a scenic park with great views from cliffs facing the sea on Yeongdo Island.

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