10 Second Korean: 반듯이 [ bandeusi] vs. 반드시 [ bandeusi]

Easy and quick Korean expressions!

반듯이 [ bandeusi] Vs. 반드시 [ bandeusi]

These two expressions above are adverbs. They are also pronounced the same, but they have different meanings.

반듯이 means ‘straightly’, ‘in good order’ or ‘neatly’. 반드시 means ‘surely’, ‘certainly’, or ‘by all means’.


그는 그릇을 반듯이 정리했다.  (He organized the dishes neatly.)

고개를 반듯이 들고 걸어라.  (Walk with your head straight.)

나는 반드시 대통령이 될거야.  (I will be a president by all means.)

열심히 노력하면, 반드시 이길 수 있어.  (If you work hard, you will certainly win.)

Yoona Kang
M.A. in English syntax. Loves travel, exercise, animals, music and dance. Happy Busanite, foodie, excellent suitcase packer.

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