10 Second Korean: 기쁘다 [ gippeuda ] vs. 즐겁다 [ jeulgeopda ]

Easy and quick Korean expressions!

기쁘다 [ gippeuda ] Vs. 즐겁다 [ jeulgeopda ]

If you look in the dictionary for 기쁘다 and 즐겁다, you will get the same word ‘to be happy’. However, they are different in meaning and so used in different situations.

기쁘다 means ‘to be happy when something good happened‘.


당신을 만나서 기뻐요. (I am happy to see you.)

합격해서 너무 기쁩니다. (I passed the exam. I am so happy.)

즐겁다 means ‘to be happy enjoying what the speaker is experiencing‘.


음악이 정말 즐겁습니다. (The music is really fun and enjoyable.)

즐거운 여행 (A great trip)

Let’s practice with the sentences below.

1. 공부는 즐거워요 / 기뻐요  (Studying is fun.)

2. 상을 받아서 즐거워요 / 기뻐요 (I am happy to be awarded.)

3. 이 요리 수업은 즐거워요 / 기뻐요 (I am happy in this cooking class.)

(answer: 1. 즐거워요 2. 기뻐요 3. 즐거워요)

Yoona Kang
M.A. in English syntax. Loves travel, exercise, animals, music and dance. Happy Busanite, foodie, excellent suitcase packer.

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