10 Second Korean: 한솥밥 [ hansotbap ]

Easy and quick Korean expressions!

한솥밥 [ hansotbap ]

한솥밥 is ‘rice from the same rice cooker’, and 한솥밥을 먹다 (to eat) means similar to ‘to live under the same roof’.

Even though the person is not a real family member, if he or she eats the same food together for a certain time, sharing lots of time and thoughts, they consider each other family in Korea. And 한솥밥 implies a special bond.

This expression is also used as a metaphor between teammates or coworkers.


A) 정말 고마워. (I really appreciate it.)   B) 당연한 걸 가지고. 우린 한솥밥을 먹는 가족이야. (Of course. We are family.)

Yoona Kang
M.A. in English syntax. Loves travel, exercise, animals, music and dance. Happy Busanite, foodie, excellent suitcase packer.

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