10 Second Korean: 마 [ ma ]

Easy and quick Korean expressions!

마 [ ma ]

If you have seen a Lotte Giants’ game, you probably have heard this. 마 is believed to have started for cheering for Lotte Giants in 2003. This 마 is ambiguous with two meanings.

  1. 마 is from 임마 [ imma ] and 임마 is Busan dailect for 인마 [ inma ], which is the shorten expression for 이놈, meaning ‘hey you‘.
  2. 마 is a (casual) form of 말다 [ malda ]. 말다 is an auxiliary verb used to ban the action of the main verb. In this case, 지 [ ji ] is usually comes at the end of the main verb. If you want to use a polite form, you can say 마세요 [ maseyo ]. 마 or 마세요 means similar to ‘don’t‘.


하지 마!  (하 + 지. 하다 [ hada ] meaning ‘do’)     (Don’t do it!)

나에게 전화하지 마세요. (전화하 + 지. 전화하다 [ jeonhwahada ] meaning ‘call’)   (Don’t call me.)