10 Second Korean: 시원하다 [ Siwonhada ]

Easy and quick Korean expressions!

시원하다 [ siwonhada ]

시원하다 means ‘to be cool’ or ‘to feel cool’ usually for temperature. Nevertherless, you may have seen Koreans use 시원하다 for different situations. If you only think about the feeling only (except the temperature), it may easier to understand. 시원하다 is used for the feelings similar to the feeling when you are drinking icy water on a hot day. Here are some usages other than for the meaning ‘to be cool’.

  1. 시원하다 is used when, having hot and/or spicy soup, you feel like the soup is cleaning the inside of your body and it feels good.

ex) 이 뜨거운 커피 (this hot coffee) 시원하다.

2. 시원하다 is used for the feeling after a shower or sauna or when your pain is gone.

ex) 이틀만에 샤워했더니 (I took a shower in two days and ) 시원하다.

두통이 사라지니 (My headache is gone and) 시원하다.

3. When 시원하다 is used for a person’s temper (성격 [ seonggyeok ]), the person is straightforward and aggressive. When 시원하다 is used for a person’s face, the person has well-defined features. (In this case, you can say 시원시원하다 to emphasize.)

ex) Tom은 성격이 시원해.    John은 얼굴이 시원시원하네.

4. 시원하다 is used when you feel burdened or concerned in your mind.

ex) 혼나고 나니 (now I got scolded and) 시원하다.

저 살인자가 감옥에 가니 (that murderer is going to jail and),  속이 시원하다.

5. If 시원하다 is used with a negative such as 못하다 [ motada ] or 않다 [ anta ], 시원하다 changes to 시원하지 [ siwonhaji ] or 시원치 [ siwonchi ], and it means ‘to be unsatisfactory’ together.

ex) 이 의자 (this chair) 시원치 않다.    저 친구 하는 일이 ( what he is doing ) 시원하지 못하네.



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