소맥 [ somaek ]

소 in 소맥 is for 소주 (soju) and 맥 is for 맥주 [ maekju ] (beer). If beer is mixed with soju, it is 소맥. It is very easy to make and the ratio varies; the stronger you want, the more soju you need. Some say the golden ratio is 30 : 70 (soju : beer) and Korean beer is usually better for 소맥, though.

You may have heard 소콜 [ sokol ], which is soju and cola, or 소사 [ sosa ], which is soju and cider.

In similar ways, there are 치맥 [ chimaek ] (Korean style chicken and beer) and 피맥 [ pimaek ] (pizza and beer).


A) 아 오늘 덥다! 치맥 어때?  (Ah, it’s very hot today! How about chimaek?)  B) 좋아! (Sounds great!)

A) 너 소맥 좋아하니? (Do you like somaek?)  B) 별로. 난 소사가 좋아.  (Not really. I like sosa.)




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