10 Tourist Souvenirs to Buy in Busan in 2022

The city of Busan has selected 10 representative tourist souvenirs in Busan for 2022 and held a certificate awarding ceremony at BEXCO in Haeundae on the 22nd.

The ‘Top 10 representative tourist souvenirs in Busan’ were first selected in 2019 to discover and nurture competitive souvenirs with both symbolism and commercial value in Busan.

After selecting 10 companies in 2019, 37 companies applied for this year’s contest, which was held for the first time in three years due to COVID-19.

The newly selected companies are:

— Busan Judang Co., Ltd. (Busan day liquor, Busan night liquor)

— Broad Root Workshop (Busan Illustrated Series)

— Kudo Co., Ltd. (Busan Friends Magnet)

— Salt Combine Co., Ltd. (Busan Port Container Travel Soap)

— Cafe385 (Yeongdo Grandma Bread)

— Storygene (Busan Tea Express)

— Isol Workshop (Hello, Busan! Travel Soap)

— Seed (Seed Seaweed Pesto)

— Gomirang Co., Ltd. (HERE IT)

— Buy 10 (Shining Busan)

Busan Judang’s Busan Day Sake and Busan Night Sake are traditional liquors that differentiate the mood of the day and the splendor of the night in Busan.

It was selected as a tourist souvenir that can promote the taste and taste of Busan by putting the illustration design of famous tourist destinations in Busan in the package.

The Busan Illustration series of Broad Root Workshop is a sensuous design stationery product that will target the tastes of MZ women, who are major customers of tourist souvenirs. It consists of postcards, stickers, and magnetic products with the backdrop of major tourist attractions in Busan, such as Gamcheon Culture Village, Cheongsapo, and Gwangan Bridge.

If selected as one of the ‘Top 10 representative tourist souvenirs in Busan’, the products are sold at the tourist souvenir shops in Busan Station, Gwangalli, and Haeundae and are operated by the city, with support sales of souvenir vending machines at major tourist destinations such as Taejongdae and Hwangnyeongsan Observatory.

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