14 Restaurants Caught Reusing Food in Latest Crackdown

The Busan City Special Judicial Police Department caught 31 businesses violating the food sanitation act after inspecting 2,520 food service establishments since March 17.

The largest number of violations came from 14 restaurants that were found to have reused leftover food in addition to eight that used and stored products past the expiration date, four with absent or mislabeled country of origin for meat and marine products, and five that cooked food in an unsanitary environment.

In the initial investigation from March 11 to 17, 12 businesses reusing food were detected, however, during the second investigation from March 22 to April 21, there were only two places caught using leftover food.

An investigator who participated in the crackdown said that business owners took proactive steps to ensure food safety at their establishments.

“The business owners’ voluntary efforts were seen by posting the phrase ‘Our business never reuses leftover food’ on the wall of their business site.”

Measures were taken on violators, including 19 cases sent to the prosecutors with seven cases scheduled to be sent back, and five cases imposed fines for poor sanitation.

The companies that violated the reusing of leftover food found in this investigation will be publicly disclosed on the homepage of the district in which they are located after 15 days of business suspension.

The intensive crackdowns at restaurants took place amid growing public anxiety over a pork and rice soup restaurant caught reusing a leftover side dish on video in March.

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