2019 Nationwide Cherry Blossom Forecast in South Korea

It’s just a few short weeks away before the country becomes awash in pink with the blooms of the ever-popular cherry blossoms.

Once again, it’s almost time for the cherry blossoms to return signifying spring in Korea.

The early report released by KWeather shows that some regions will see an earlier bloom by four to seven days. Busan will begin on March 24th, while Seoul will begin around April 3rd. It usually takes about a week for the trees to come into full bloom, around March 29 – 31 in Busan and the southern coastal regions and April 7th – 14th inland.

Cherry blossoms typically bloom from the end of March to the beginning of April, when temperatures vary and when the blossoms will be in bloom generally differs by a few days every year.

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Dates by City

Seogwipo/Jeju – March 21

Jinhae – March 23

Busan – March 24

Daegu – March 25

Gyeongju – March 25

Pohang – March 26

Gwangju – March 28

Jeonju – March 31

Daejeon – March 31

Chungju – April 1

Gangneung – April 1

Yeouido – April 3

Seoul – April 3

Incheon – April 4

Chuncheon – April 7

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