2020 B-Beauty Day Takes Place Today at City Hall

The city of Busan will hold ‘2020 B-beauty Day’ to display and promote the products of local cosmetic companies in the lobby on the first floor of the city hall from 10:30 am this morning.

Organized by the city and jointly organized by Busan Techno Park and the Busan Cosmetics Manufacturers Association, the event is designed to increase brand awareness and expand sales of local cosmetics companies.

The cosmetics and beauty industry is attracting attention as an industry with great growth potential due to increased demand for youth and the United States due to the improvement of income level and aging population. 

In response to this trend, Busan city recruited 27 local companies for the event. Participating companies will showcase high-quality products at an affordable price, and will also hold a free Aroma Color Mist event for participants to choose their own colors and scents and produce them on site.

At the ‘2019 B-beauty Day’ held in August for the first time last year, 22 Busan local companies participated and exhibited and promoted excellent products, and held scalp experiences and skin diagnosis.

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