Ahn Sang-hoon Directs the Official Trailer of the 16th Jecheon International Music Film Festival

Image: JIMFF

The official trailer of the 16th Jecheon International Music Film Festival, which recently decided to convert to a non-face-to-face film festival, has been released.

This film was born in the hands of director Ahn Sang-hoon, who directed films such as Blind (2011) and The Age of Pure (2014).

The Jecheon International Music Film Festival has attracted attention with the trailers made with unique composition every year, led by Kim Tae-woon, Heo Jin-ho, Chae Eun-suk, Min Kyu-dong, Jeon Gye-soo, Bang Eun-jin, Gu Hye-sun, Lee Soo-jin, Im Pil-sung, Kim Jong-gwan, Jung Yoon-cheol, and Kang Hyeong-cheol. In collaboration with the director, Ahn has presented a sensational trailer video on the theme of film and music.

Director Ahn Sang-hoon, who directed the trailer for the Jecheon International Music Film Festival this year, debuted in 2006 with the horror film Arang, and made the popular feature films Blind (2011) and The Age of Pure (2014).

Director Ahn made the theme of this trailer video an encounter between old and modern music with the idea of ​​plotting the connection between the present and the present.

The official logo of the festival is flying through a 3D technique and the direction of the 16th Jecheon International Music Film Festival aims to advance into a new tomorrow with a history of the past 15 years.

“With Corona 19, everyone is tired and hard these days, and the role of film and music is more than ever. I thought it was very important and worked on the production. This trailer will give you a delightful imaginary moment on someone’s hard day,” said Ahn.

Although the decision was made to transition to an offline festival, maintaining the representative programs of the festival that have laid the foundation for the development of Korean music films, such as the’Jecheon Music Film Production Support Project’,’Jecheon Music Film Academy’, and ‘Judgment for the Competition Festival of the Film Festival,’ will remain the same.

The official trailer of the 16th Jecheon International Music Film Festival will be screened before all works at the festival and can be seen through the official website and the official YouTube channel.

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