Operated by the Korea Foundation (headed by President Sihyung Lee), Korea’s leading public diplomacy institution, the ASEAN Culture House (ACH) is holding the Easy Access ASEAN – Singapore program from October 11 to 28.

The ACH has run the Easy Access ASEAN series since March of this year to provide an opportunity to better understand the 10 ASEAN countries in an easy and fun way. The program consists of lectures, cultural experiences, film screenings and more.

On Thursday, October 11 and 18, the latest edition of the ACH lecture series Useful and Mysterious ASEAN – Singapore will be held. Prof. Jae-Hyeok Shin, a professor of political science and international relations at Korea University, will give a lecture on “Understanding Singapore Through Its Politics,” and Dr. Si Yeon Rim of the Korean National Commission for UNESCO will lecture on the “Society and Culture of Singapore,” providing a better understanding of Singapore from a multilateral perspective.

On Saturday, October 20 and 27, a Singaporean cultural experience will be provided with the participation of international students from Singapore. A clay art class for children will be held where participants can craft frames using classic icons of Singapore. In the subsequent Singaporean cooking class for adults, participants will make Singaporean rice noodles, laksa, and the popular snack kaya toast.

On Sunday, October 21 and 28, film screenings will be held exploring Singaporean culture. On the 21st, Royston Tan’s “3688” will be shown, following the adventures of lead character Fei-fei as she chases her dream of becoming a famous singer. On the 28th, “Seven Letters,” a collaborative film commemorating the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s independence, directed by seven leading directors of Singapore, will be played.

On Friday, October 19 and Saturday, October 20, the unique Peranakan culture of Singapore can be enjoyed through performances by Dance Ensemble Singapore titled “The Rite of Passage.”

Applications and inquiries are welcome via the ACH homepage www.ach.or.kr.