“BIFF Another Round” Season 2 Returns for a Summer Movie Extravaganza

From August 25th to 26th, “BIFF Another Round” Season 2 takes center stage, offering a cinematic and cultural feast for all.

This event invites you to experience the magic of summer films against the backdrop of Songjeong Beach and Yongdusan Park.

As part of Momobi, an innovative project that fuses film events with international tourism development, “BIFF Another Round” Season 2 aims to captivate audiences with Busan’s unique allure and romance.

Set against the waves of Songjeong Beach and the charm of Yongdusan Park, the event spans two evenings, featuring a dynamic lineup of activities:

  • A celebratory performance sets the stage for the event, accompanied by engaging guest interactions.
  • Movie screenings, with multilingual subtitles available in six languages, allow for a global cinematic experience.
  • Acclaimed artists, including ‘Lucid Fall’ and ‘Grass’, will grace the stage with their captivating music, creating an atmosphere of harmony and delight.
  • Highlights include screenings of “Park Ha-kyung’s Travels,” a heartwarming film capturing the encounters of a Korean teacher, and the YouTube content “Nudult’s Carrot Market Husbands,” which offers a comic short movie perspective on life’s everyday tales.

Multilingual subtitles ensure that audiences from various linguistic backgrounds can fully immerse themselves in the films.

Beyond the screenings and performances, the event offers unique experiences:

  • Guided by the concept of film, various tour packages such as the “Old City Center Tour Package” offer a comprehensive exploration of Busan’s charm.
  • Foreign participants have the opportunity to engage in a “Short Film Production Experience,” fostering an understanding of film culture and the city’s artistic pulse.

To partake in the short film experience, applicants aged 19 and above can submit their entries via email. Busan’s “Everybody Beef” Season 2 promises an unforgettable fusion of film, culture, and the city’s vibrancy.

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