BIFF Executive Recommendation Committee Selects Park Kwang-su as Chairperson Candidate

The Busan International Film Festival Executive Recommendation Committee has unanimously selected Park Kwang-su, former professor of the School of Film, TV & Multimedia at Korea National University of Arts, as the sole candidate for the next chairperson, and will begin open recruitment for festival director, ACFM director, board members, and auditors.

The Executive Recommendation Committee is composed of 7 members from the Innovation Committee.

One person per organization in the Innovation Committee, such as the Busan & Seoul film industry, civic groups, and the Busan Metropolitan City, is selected to compose the Executive Recommendation Committee.

The qualifications provided by the committee for the next chairperson include the ability to manage the organization and its administration, present the future vision and direction of the film festival, willingness to innovate the organization, political neutrality, and affection for Busan.

The committee has concluded that Candidate Park Kwang-su possesses such qualifications, and made a unanimous decision for his nomination.

Chairperson candidate Park Kwang-su is a Korean film director who led the Korean New Wave in cinema and one of the members who took part in establishing the practical foundations for the Busan International Film Festival.

In particular, Park was the forerunner in the industrialization of Korean and Asian films, as a prominent figure in the inauguration of the Pusan Promotion Plan (currently the Asian Project Market) and the Asian Film Market (currently the Asian Contents & Film Market).

He was also the founding director of the Busan Film Commission, and professor of the School of Film, TV & Multimedia at the Korea National University of Arts.

The head of the Executive Recommendation Committee stated, “We select Park Kwang-su, a starting member of the Busan International Film Festival, as the new chairperson candidate. Park, who has extensive knowledge of the international film festivals and the domestic and international networks, has a strong reputation amongst the film professionals, and was unanimously agreed upon by filmmakers in Seoul and Busan.”

While Park Kwang-su has been nominated as the sole candidate for the new chairperson of the Busan International Film Festival by the Executive Recommendation Committee, the final selection will be made at the February 1 general meeting.

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