Books: BEYOND THE SUSHI CHEF: The Ultimate Bible for Mastering Nigiri Sushi

Tabimori, Inc., the company that runs Sushi University, is pleased to announce its newest book BEYOND THE SUSHI CHEF: The Ultimate Bible for Mastering Nigiri Sushi.

Sushi University provides first-hand experiences at sushi counters in Tokyo with a private interpreter, and now you can get this same first-hand knowledge in the form of an e-book; a systematic arrangement of information collected through Sushi University explained from the customer’s perspective. See the QR code on the right for more details.

Nigiri Sushi is not traditional Japanese home cooking, it’s made by master chefs

This book introduces not the sushi rolls that have been developed throughout the world outside of Japan, but the traditional Nigiri Sushi, rooted in Japan’s Edo period. Nigiri Sushi is made by professional sushi chefs who have undergone strict training for many years. It is not a part of Japanese home cooking. There has never been a book that has properly explained, in a way customers can understand, why this Nigiri Sushi at the counter, sitting in front of the sushi chef, tastes so good. You will be enlightened as to why Nigiri Sushi has a deliciousness that sets it completely apart from conveyor belt sushi and take-out, despite sharing the name of “sushi”.

There is no shortage of people who visit Japan and find themselves in a Nigiri Sushi specialty restaurant, having no idea what they just put in their mouth and fumbling about, unsure of the proper etiquette. BEYOND THE SUSHI CHEF starts out by going through the history of Nigiri Sushi, then touches on industry terminology and practical etiquette as well as compatibility with Japanese sake. It is with this knowledge that you can sit at a sushi counter and have a deep, Japanese cultural experience, enjoying not only the flavors but also the visual performance of the master sushi chef at work. In order for you to become more familiar with Nigiri Sushi, we thoroughly explain everything from sushi toppings to shari, wasabi, gari, soy sauce, vinegar, all the way to the operative side of sushi restaurants. We also made special efforts to research sushi toppings that can be enjoyed in Tokyo.

The sudden rise of young sushi chefs and new toppings

In addition to traditional Nigiri Sushi, this book also covers the latest developments and new toppings that have come with the rise in young sushi chefs. While the rest of the world experiments in developing new sushi rolls, Japan’s newest sushi chefs are also being innovative on their foundation of tradition. This book is a rare source of information that also brings up these new movements. The popular sushi rolls will be covered in a future volume that covers all types of sushi.

You can find out more about the book and order it here.

Image: Sushi University
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