Busan Adjusts Social Distancing to Level 2 Until the 31st

Level 2.5 stage of social distancing, which was originally planned to be extended by the city of Busan until the 31st, was adjusted to Level 2 from today until the 31st of the month.

Although small-scale group infections have recently occurred in the city, the overall number of confirmed cases is on a decreasing trend, and the infection reproductive index has decreased sharply from 1.08 to 0.48.

The city has lowered the social distance level back to Level 2 in order to help small business owners and self-employed people who have suffered from long-term business restrictions since the Level 2.5 stage was implemented on the 15th of last month.

Starting today, the number of people allowed at meetings and events will be increased from less than 50 to less than 100. It is also applied to weddings, funerals, and commemorative ceremonies.

The direct sales promotion office will reduce the number of people from 1 person per 16㎡ to 1 person per 8㎡, and in indoor sports facilities and singing rooms, the number of people is reduced from 1 person per 8㎡ to 1 person per 4㎡.

Business hours of general management facilities such as academies, classrooms, movie theaters, PC cafes, game rooms, reading rooms, department stores, and large marts will be lifted. The operation of saunas and steam rooms are also allowed.

Pro sports can be played with spectators at 10% of capacity and religious activities, regular worship, mass, and court meetings can be held by keeping the number of people within 20% of the number of seats.

However, special quarantine measures applied nationwide, such as prohibiting private gatherings with more than 5 people, remain the same.

The city of Busan plans to conduct intensive inspections with the ward, military, and related organizations to prevent loopholes in quarantine due to the easing of distancing and will continue to block the spread of COVID-19 through situation management for high-risk groups.

“I bow my head to the small business owners and self-employed people who have endured the pain of long-term business restrictions. Thanks to your sacrifice, we were able to protect the lives and safety of citizens from COVID-19.” He said, “As small-scale infections between family and co-workers are constantly occurring, we repeatedly ask you to follow the quarantine rules in daily life,” acting Busan Mayor Byeon Seong-wan said.

The city is planning to review whether to adjust the distance stage after the 31st in connection with the government’s decision on the national social distance level.

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