Busan Conducting Intensive Crackdown on Illegal Vehicles and Two-wheeled Vehicles in the First Half of the Year

The city of Busan will conduct a one-month intensive crackdown on illegal vehicles and motorcycles through June 22nd.

The inspection is a collaborative effort involving the Korea Transportation Safety Authority, the Automobile Maintenance Association, and the police. Its purpose is to address the inconvenience faced by residents and the degradation of urban aesthetics caused by neglected unauthorized vehicles. The crackdown aims to ensure the safety of drivers by targeting vehicles with illegal structural changes.

The crackdown will focus on several categories, including illegal cars, vehicles abandoned for an extended period in residential areas, vehicles that have not undergone regular inspections, vehicles that have been modified without proper approval for structural changes, and violations of safety standards and license plate regulations.

Owners of violating vehicles will face various consequences, such as temporary inspection orders, penalties for negligence, notices of fines, and actual fines.

According to the Motor Vehicle Management Act, vehicles with illegal structural changes may be subject to restoration, imprisonment for up to one year, or fines of up to 10 million won.

Vehicles that violate safety standards or license plate regulations may face fines of up to 1 million won. In certain cases, the city plans to take stronger measures, including towing unauthorized vehicles, encouraging voluntary disposal, and forcibly scrapping or selling vehicles.

To raise awareness about the crackdown, the city will produce publicity flyers and posters distributed to 16 districts, counties, and relevant organizations. Additionally, the city website and electronic display boards for traffic information will actively promote the intensive crackdown.

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