Busan Destinations: Barefoot Trails Popping Up Around the City

As the popularity of walking barefoot continues, new trails have been opening up around the city.

The opening ceremony of the “Red Clay Barefoot Road” took place on Gubongsan Mountain in Dong-gu on the 9th of last month.

This path, part of the Gubongsan Healing Forest Trail, is 1.5 meters wide and 200 meters long, featuring amenities such as shoe lockers, foot washing stations, and red clay baths.

Dong-gu also completed a 140-meter Masato walking path in Jeungsan Park and plans to construct more barefoot walking paths in Busan Jinseong Park and Sujeong 1 reservoir by next month.

On the 23rd of last month, Jung-gu held a completion ceremony for a red clay road designed exclusively for barefoot walking in the Bokbyeongsan drainage basin.

The Busan Facilities Corporation is also contributing to the development of these paths.

By the end of this month, they will complete a 100-meter-long Hwangtotgil pedestrian path in Daeshin Park, Seo-gu. This will be the corporation’s third barefoot path, following similar projects in Busan Citizens Park and Geumgang Park.

Haeundae Beach will also see the addition of a red clay road. Haeundae-gu is set to build a 650-meter-long red clay road in Haeundae Songnim Park, with administrative procedures already underway.

Two foot-washing stations will be installed along Hwangtot Road in Songnim Park, scheduled to open at the end of this year.

Additionally, a new foot-washing station will be constructed near LCT Small Park at Haeundae Beach. This will bring the total number of foot-washing stations at Haeundae Beach to four, improving convenience for barefoot walkers.

Local governments are not only developing infrastructure but are also organizing events to engage residents.

Seo-gu will host a barefoot beach walking event to coincide with the opening of Songdo Beach on the 1st of next month, with detailed plans currently in preparation.

The growing barefoot walking infrastructure is also boosting club memberships. The Busan branch of the Korea Barefoot School, which participated in the Haeundae Seven Beach Earthing Challenge, has recently doubled its membership.

As a result, regular meetings have begun, with this month’s meeting scheduled at Gwangalli Beach, the site of the second Earthing Challenge. On-the-spot membership registration will be available at the event.

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