Busan Destinations: Club D Oasis Named First ‘National Health Hot Springs’ in Busan

Haeundae’s ‘Club D Oasis’ hot spring facility has been designated as the first ‘National Health Hot Springs’ in Busan, receiving approval from the Ministry of Public Administration and Security in December last year.

The appointment is expected to bring about a synergistic impact on the tourism resources in the vicinity of Haeundae.

Boyang Hot Springs, renowned for its exceptional water temperature and ingredients conducive to health and well-being, has been officially acknowledged as a spa that promotes physical and mental recovery.

To receive this designation, hot springs must meet stringent criteria, including a water temperature of 35℃ or higher, beneficial ingredients or dissolved substances such as sulfur and carbonic acid exceeding 25℃, and a minimum concentration of 1,000㎎/ℓ. The facility must also adhere to strict standards set by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security.

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