Busan Destinations: Great Hiking at Jangsan Mountain

Jangsan Mountain in Haeundae-gu is the best location to appreciate fields of beautiful flame grass.

Jangsan Mountain commands a view of not just downtown Busan but also of the nearby ocean. It is a very popular hiking destination much of the year. Lovely sights such as a refreshing waterfall bring people out in the summer, and flame grass, known by its scientific namemiscanthus, draws people out in autumn.

Start from Daecheoncheon Stream and climb toward the mountain. Breathe in crisp mountain air while walking through the forest path and forest park. The trail continues past Yangun Waterfall, with its majestic roaring currents, and then Daecheon Park. The trail from Daecheon Park to the flame grass field runs more than two kilometers and autumn leaves all over the area are a welcome sight.

Silvery waves through the flame grass field against the blue sky are a special gift offered only around this time of year. The site is considered one of the 12 most beautiful sights in Haeundae, according to the Haeundae government office. Take pause and find peace of mind surrounded by the beauty of nature. Then, climb another 15 minutes from the flame grass field to reach the mountaintop and take in additional excellent views of the city below.

How to get there: Jangsan Station (Metro line 2), exit 12. Walk straight 20 minutes to the entrance of Daecheon Park.

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