Busan Destinations: Ibagu-gil (Story Road)

Here is a quick Korean language factoid to impress your friends: “iyagi (이야기)” means “story” and can be seen in copious amounts around the country, but “ibagu (이바구)” is how it’s said in the Busan dialect.

Ibagu-gil begins at Busan Station and continues to Sanbokdoro (mountainside road). Baekje Hospital, Busan’s first western-style hospital built in 1920, was reborn as the Brown Hands cafe. Choryang Church, which was Korea’s first church south of the Han River, offers old photographs on its outside walls pointing to Busan’s rich history.

One of the avenue’s biggest (and most athletic) highlights is 168 Stairs. Follow along the wall of Choryang Church to reach this shortcut toward Busan Port. The 168 Stairs will give eyes a feast as they take in a beautiful view of Busan Port.

How to get there: Busan Station (Metro line 1), exit 7. Pass one block and turn left down the alley near Aritaum, then walk a couple more minutes. (https://goo.gl/maps/xBt216iCRSL2)

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