Busan Destinations: “YOLO Galmatgil” Citizen Participation Walking Event This Saturday

The city of Busan will hold a ‘YOLO Galmat-gil’ civic participation walking event with citizens at the outdoor plaza of the Sunset Fountain in Dadaepo, Saha-gu, at 2 pm on the 24th.

This walking event with the slogan of ‘Let’s walk together’ was prepared to publicize the ’10 YOLO Galmat-gils’ officially announced by the city this year to the public, and to turn YOLO Galmat-gil into a tourism resource.

The opening ceremony will be attended by about 500 people including Busan Mayor Park Heong-joon, the Galmat-gil expedition selected through a public contest in Ulsan and Changwon, and citizens. 

In addition, after the opening ceremony, attendees can participate in the YOLO Galmatgil Citizen Participation Walking Event and walk along YOLO Galmatgil Course 7 (Sunset Galmatgil Picnic) from Dadaepo to Sinpyeong Station to enjoy the charm of YOLO Galmatgil.

The main programs of this walking event, which will be held for two months, include the ‘YOLO Galmat-gil Expedition’, which completes 278.8.km of Galmat-gil, ‘YOLO Galmat-gil Theme Walk,’ which experiences 10 courses of YOLO Galmat-gil, and ‘YOLO TRIPKING Familiar Tour’ in which tourists from other regions participate.


Haps Staff
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