Busan International Magic Festival Convention Back With Its 19th Edition

The Busan International Magic Festival is back with its 19th edition, featuring the “Magic Convention” from June 28 to June 30.

The festival will showcase a variety of programs including the ‘MJ Rhythm’ which merges magic and jazz, the ‘Magic Gala Show’ featuring world-class magicians, the ‘International Magic Competition’ for emerging magicians, insightful ‘Magic Lectures,’ and the 6th ‘Busking Championship.’

The event kicks off with ‘MJ Rhythm,’ an innovative performance by magician Myungjun Lee that blends swing jazz, mime, and various performing arts into a captivating one-man show.

The ‘Magic Gala Show’ will highlight dazzling performances by top magicians from Korea, Italy, France, China, and Japan, with Yoo Ho-jin, a globally renowned Korean magician, as the host. This year’s event will also feature participants from the new SBS entertainment program “The Magic Star”.

The ‘International Magic Competition,’ serves as a global gateway for new magicians. Renowned magicians like An Harim, Han Seol-hee, Yoo Ho-jin, Park Jun-woo, and Choi Ye-chan have emerged from this competition.

Approved by the World Magic Federation (FISM), the competition will see 100 magicians from Korea, China, and Thailand vying for the top spot, with a judging panel led by Dominic Dante from Italy.

The ‘Magic Lecture’ program offers enthusiasts and the general public a chance to learn the secrets of professional magicians. Esteemed magicians like Katsuragawa Shimpei and Dogimun will present their unique techniques and ideas.

Side events include interactive programs for visitors to enjoy, such as a dealer booth selling magic tools, close-up magic demonstrations, and various event zones.

Additionally, the 6th ‘Busking Championship’ on Haeundae Gunam-ro from June 28 to 29 will be open for free viewing. Street artists will compete in magic, juggling, and general performance categories, with champions selected through citizen voting and on-site judging.

Tickets for the shows can be purchased on YES24, Naver, Interpark, and the Cinema Center website. A single ticket provides access to all ‘Magic Convention’ programs, or individual event tickets can be bought separately.

For more details, visit the official Busan Magic Festival website (www.hibimf.org) or follow their Instagram (www.instagram.com/busanmagicfestival).

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