A great networking afternoon mixer for women is set for this Saturday at the Wolfhound Pub in Haeundae.

What is it?

A relaxed environment for women in Busan (and surrounding areas) to come together, meet new people and learn more about what there is to do in this amazing city. Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone at the event, you soon will!

They will have a meet and greet, some short workshops and mini presentations from different groups and individuals in the city letting you know what is going on. They will then be available afterwards for you to have a chat and find out more information or simply to meet a friendly face in advance to showing up for your new found exciting activity.

There will be lots of free time for chatting and some board games available to help people break the ice. There will also be a few mini workshops if you wish to participate.


Wolfhound Pub, Haeundae, from 4-7 p.m. They will have exclusive use of the venue during this time and strongly encourage you to stick around and continue the mingling, perhaps aided by the discounted cocktails that will be available for us.


Anyone who identifies themselves as female


This event is for women who want to go out and meet new people or try something new and just not sure how to go about it. This event is to create a non-intimidating environment where women can go along, feel comfortable, build up their friend network and find out more about what can be done in Busan.

The event is part of the Vagina Monolgue season and while we wll talk lots about empowering women and women’s issues at the other events this event is about creating an environment for women to empower themselves.

To give you a taster of the things you can find out about at the event (so far – and please contact them if you have something to add) are: Zumba, Yoga, Arts and crafts, Sewing classes, Volunteering opportunities at the BFCM, We-Hope, BAPS, Children’s homes, Spanish club, Busan International Women’s Association, Birthing and Doula services, KOTESOL, running clubs and more!