Busan Museum Holds First Introduction Exhibition of New Relics in 2021

Busan Museum selected six modern Najeon lacquerware among the relics purchased in 2020 and will present the exhibition “Najeon, Become an Art'” for the first time until June 13th. 

Najeon craft (螺鈿工藝) is a traditional craft technique that has been handed down since the Three Kingdoms period, but it has been more delicate by accepting designs and jigsaws as it enters the modern era. 

In addition, as its artistic excellence was recognized at various exhibitions, it began to recognize crafts as a field of art rather than the production of everyday items.

However, in the special circumstances of the Japanese colonial period, the influence of Japan could not be avoided, so the historical and artistic value of modern Najeon crafts was not greatly appreciated. 

Busan Museum purchased 93 pieces of modern Najeon lacquer-related artifacts in 2020, taking into account the historical value and beauty of modern Najeon crafts.

This exhibition includes the Najeon Chil Peacock and Peony Pattern Bottle by Kim Jin-gap, a representative of modern and contemporary Najeon lacquerware craftsman.

Six major relics such as the Najeon Paint ‘Su-壽’ Character Pattern Gyeongsang, which add splendor with mother-of-pearl with various patterns such as peach trees, and Najeon Paint Bamboo Pattern Inkbox produced by Dongnae Onsen Resort, will be released. 

This exhibition can be viewed in the art room on the 2nd floor of the Busan Museum from 9 am to 6 pm on Tuesdays and Sundays, except on Mondays and designated closed days.

Busan Museum limits the number of visitors to 22 people per session to prevent COVID-19, so it is convenient to use it after making a reservation through the Busan Museum website.

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