Busan Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Opens Outdoor Project Busan Station-Eurasia Platform Media Wall-Joel Satori “Your Name”

The Busan Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art is the third museum in the world to host Joel Satori’s ‘Your Name’ through January 5th, 2023.

This work, which will be presented at the Busan Eurasia Platform outdoor media wall, is part of the ‘Photo Ark’ with the meaning of ‘Ark of Life for Animals’.

Photo Ark is connected with an attempt to capture the images of endangered animals that have already become extinct or may disappear forever at the end of this century. The Busan Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, will carry out this digitized photo and video project in cooperation with the Busan Facilities Corporation until January 5th.

“Your Name”, which captures the appearances of more than 12,000 species of living things around the world, is a wonderful work of art created through the eyes of the artist, beyond simply documenting the appearance of animals. Each living thing on the screen proves its existence as a precious record of the era and presents a ‘dictionary of ecological reporting’ through its own voice.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature reports that by 2100, 50% of all animals that coexisted with humans on Earth will disappear, or half of the species.

The Busan Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art expects to raise awareness of the environmental issues facing the earth through National Geographic and Joel Satori’s “Your Name”, which runs a campaign to accurately remember the names of disappearing animals.

The exhibition works are composed of three-channel videos. The three videos excluded the surrounding environment and focused solely on the animal’s natural appearance. Creatures with various expressions, gestures, and sizes are expected to become messengers that remind citizens of the preciousness of life as well as visual pleasure.

Kang Seung-wan, director of the Busan Museum of Modern Art, said, “With this outdoor project as an opportunity, we are rethinking the environmental problems that the earth is facing, and reminding us that humans are also a ‘species’ that constantly coexist with the earth’s ecosystem.” 

For more information, refer to the website of the Busan Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

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