Busan Strengthens Landslide Prevention Efforts for Summer Season

The city of Busan has announced the activation of a Landslide Prevention Team in collaboration with 15 district and county departments to bolster its response to potential landslides during the summer season.

The measures, which will be in place through October 15, aim to enhance safety and preparedness in the region.

The city has completed thorough inspections of 386 landslide-prone areas since March.

These efforts include the construction of shelters in high-risk zones and public awareness campaigns to inform residents about landslide prevention and safety measures.

The Landslide Prevention Team will focus on various activities, including regular inspections and management of vulnerable areas and erosion control facilities such as dams.

The team is also prepared to execute swift landslide prevention and emergency recovery actions.

Public safety measures will be a priority, with team members patrolling high-risk zones, guiding citizen evacuations, and educating local residents on landslide prevention and recovery.

Sixty team members have been deployed to monitor and protect 60 vulnerable areas within the city.

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