Busan Takes Measures to Alleviate Concerns About COVID-19 on City Buses

The city of Busan is implementing step-by-step measures to relieve citizens’ anxiety about using city buses in relation to the group infection at the Geumjeong-gu city bus garage.

On December 30 of last year, the city of Busan disinfected buses and offices in the garage immediately after the first confirmed case related to the Geumjeong Public Garage and closed shared facilities such as the gym.

Then, as the number of confirmed cases continued, such as three on December 31, one on January 1 to 3, and four on the 4th, the joint-operated restaurant was closed on the 5th, and the bus union and transportation company on the 6th the next day.

An emergency on-site countermeasure meeting was then held, attended by officials.

“This is an unavoidable measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 caused by city buses, so we ask for your understanding,” said Cho Young-tae, director of Busan Metropolitan City Transportation Bureau.

First, the city decided to reduce bus operation by 20-30% for the safety of citizens and strengthened quarantine inside the bus.

Accordingly, the use of one seat directly behind the driver’s seat and two seats behind the front door was prohibited, heating was prohibited, and windows were opened for ventilation.

In addition, crew members must wear kf94 masks and were gloves during operation and they must disinfect the entire bus after their shift is over.

In particular, by operating a screening test center for COVID-19 diagnostic testing in the Geumjeong Public Garage, PCR diagnostic tests for all employees of related bus companies are conducted daily to take a preemptive response to block the link between the spread of infection.

Since the 7th, strengthened quarantine rules have been applied to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as stopping the operation of the gym and club gatherings in the garage and prohibiting smoking together.

While the city of Busan is closely monitoring the spread of infection, if the number of confirmed cases continues to increase, it will reduce operation by about 40-50% and implement two-step stronger measures, such as completely blocking contact between drivers and passengers through additional reinforcement of driver’s seat screens.

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