Busan to Create Fine Dust Blocking Forests in 8 Locations

The city of Busan said it will plant patches of trees in eight places near roads and industrial complexes by 2025 to block the inflow of fine dust into residential areas.

These trees will be planted by the Myeongji traffic plaza in Gangseo-gu, the green buffer zone of the Myeongji International New City, along the railroad of the Gyeongbu line, around the thermal power plant and Jeonggwan Industrial Complex, the Myeongrye Industrial Complex, and the Gamman Pier.

A total of 10 billion won will be invested in planting a total of 250,000 trees in the areas for a total green area of 10.5㏊.

The city recently completed the administrative procedure through detailed design service in November of last year, and the construction is scheduled to begin in earnest as early as next month.

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