Good Moonhwa Home to Busan’s First Natural Birthing Center

[su_heading size=”20″]The first natural birthing center in Busan and the Gyeong-nam area, is just the place for that special moment.[/su_heading]

In medical school, all students are taught that things can go wrong anytime during normal labor and delivery. That’s why doctors consider pregnancy and birth a medical, rather than a natural, process. People have been successfully brainwashed, and the majority have come to believe that giving birth is a medical emergency. Women expect fear and pain during childbirth. Looking at how the media portrays childbirth, having a baby seems like the biggest disaster on Earth.

However, labor and childbirth can be a very happy experience. They may even be the best moments a woman can ever experience during her life. The happy hormone, endorphin, and love hormone, oxytocin, which are secreted during labor, can make the mother and baby happy. But to make the most of this happy moment, a supportive environment for delivery must be provided. Women in labor need privacy. They need a dark room and minimum interruption. The environment should be similar to that when making love. It has to be safe, secure and uninterrupted. This is what the best moments in your life should be like.

Birthing is a natural process. Of course there are times when medication or medical interventions are needed during delivery, and that is why deliveries must take place in hospitals under supervision of medical personnel. But if you feel that you are healthy enough without any medical issues that might affect delivery, there is no need to depend on the help of doctors or drugs. It is you who should be in control of the delivery, and doctors should be there only to back you up in case of unexpected emergency.

You can enjoy this blissful and precious experience with some preparation, education and awareness. Given the right circumstances, every woman during the process of labor and delivery produces the peak levels of birth hormones. Many medical interventions commonly used in maternity care today reduce the natural release of these hormones, which may make childbirth less happy and sometimes less safe for the mother and her baby.

Enjoy your childbirth. Trust your baby.

LTC Clinic respects the fact that childbirth is not a condition requiring medical attention but a natural process, and a lot of scientific research supports that both mothers and babies benefit most from natural delivery without intervention.

Exposing the baby to all the positive effects of maternal hormones secreted during labor, creating a quiet and dark environment to minimize stress the baby might encounter as he/she enters the world, and providing sufficient skin-to-skin contact with the mother have been proven to play a crucial role in formation of maternal-child attachment and integral personality later on.

LTC Clinic pursues transition from the medical-oriented delivery to a maternal-child-oriented delivery by providing all the aforementioned support and comprehensive care, all directed toward the well-being of the mother and baby.

Delivery might be the most critical moment in the mother’s and child’s lives, and we want you to feel overwhelming joy and delight during this precious moment. The best way is to believe in yourself and your body, because your body already knows the best way to bring your baby into this world.

Dr. Jaseong Koo is the leader of Love To Come Clinic as well as the reproductive endocrinologist at Good Moonhwa Hospital. For more information, contact the department coordinator, Seo Mi-young, at 051-630-0123.

You can visit good Moonhwa Hospital on the web at

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