Late Deputy Director Kim Jiseok’s Memoirs “Jiseok is on a Business Trip 2” Released in Korean and English

Jiseok is on a Business Trip is a collection of film festivals business trip records kept by Kim Jiseok, the late deputy director and program director of the Busan International Film Festival.

Ryan Estrada and Kim Hyun Sook Talk “Banned Book Club” and Life Ahead of This Weekend’s Book Signing at HQ

We talked to artist Ryan Estrada and author Kim Hyun Sook ahead of their book signing event for “Banned Book Club” this Sunday evening.

Relive History and Literature at Bosudong Bookstore Alley

With a narrow alleyway to guide patrons, book stores both great and small face each other on both sides. So many books are crammed into scores of shops lining Bosudong Bookstore Alley, an iconic location in old Busan.

Min the Elephant’s New Picture Book “My Deer Eye” Book Release Party this Saturday

Local artist, Min the Elephant has just self-published her first picture book, My Deer Eye.

Good Eats: Busan Meets London

Although born in Busan but spending her formative years in England, Dahae West’s love for Korean food never wavered. Now along with her husband Gareth, the successful pair have released their first Korean cookbook.

Author Panel with Michael Breen, Jeffrey Miller, and John Bocskay This Friday at HQ

This Friday, join Michael Breen (“The New Koreans”), Jeffrey Miller (“Bureau 39”), and John Bocskay (“Culture Shock! Korea”) for a wide ranging talk about contemporary Korea and the challenges in writing about it.

Yes 24 Opens the Largest Used Bookstore in Korea at F1963

South Korea's leading bookstore Yes24 has opened the largest used bookstore in Korea yesterday at F1963, a complex cultural space located in Suyeong.

Book Review: ‘Culture Shock! Korea – A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette’

Steve Feldman reviews John Bocskay's newest book "Culture Shock! Korea", which takes an in-depth exploration into Korea's unique culture based off of his nearly 20 years of experiences of living and working on the peninsula.

Shamanism in South Korea

I'd been looking to talk to a mudang (or more politely, musok-in) - a Korean shaman - for a while. But I didn't really know where to start, and friends kept warning me to be careful about hanging around with such spiritually potent people.

Busanjin-gu to Publish ‘Jeonpo Street Cafe’ Book in English

Busanjin-gu has announced it will print a 'Jeonpo Street Cafe' book to introduce the popular street to locals and foreigners.

Busan Writing Group Releases its Third Anthology

On February 11th, Busan Writing group will release Peripheral Portraits: A Collection. This work will feature short stories, plays, and poems by authors living...

Books: A Long Way Back – Stories of Traveling Home

Former Haps editor and travel writer Michael Fraiman has released a collection of travel tales in a new book, A Long Way Back: Stories of Travelling Home.