Busan Museum of Art Opens Vision & Perspective 1999-2017: Cognitive Mapping Exhibition

The Busan Museum of Art opened its exhibition of Vision & Perspective 1999-2017: Cognitive Mapping.

“Busan VR Festival 2017” Comes to BEXCO

The "Busan VR Festival 2017" will be held at BEXCO Exhibition Center 2 for three days from Thursday, June 1st to Saturday, June 3rd.

‘Van Gogh Live’ Exhibition at the Busan Cinema Center Begins

'Van Gogh Live', an exhibition reinterpreting masterpieces of Vincent Van Gogh through digital technology is underway at the Busan Cinema Center.

Video: Enjoy Improvisational Live Painting by GwangMo Ku, MoKu

GwangMo Ku, the artist, shares a special moment -- the conversation between him and the canvas. Kyeongmi Heo, the dancer, moves and bursts in the transforming canvas. Our camera could not capture the energy, but please enjoy the spectacle.

Beloved Abstractionist GwangMo Ku Exhibition – Gallery Daim

GwangMo Ku, widely-known as MoKu, was selected for 6 Abstract Souls 2017 in the UK and introduced an internationally recognized South Korean abstractionist, poet and essayist. He will give a performance on Monday the 10th -- a live painting collaborated with renowned dancer Gyeongmi Heo.

Busan Sea Art Festival Dates Confirmed for 2017

This year's Busan Sea Art Festival will begin on September 16th at Dadaepo Beach and will continue for a month.

Lee Jung Seob: A Korean Artist We Lost too Soon

An exhibition of the the 100th anniversary of the birth of Korean painter Lee Jung-Seob is on display at the Busan Museum of Art until the end of February. Josh Doyle tells his story.

Butterflies that Traveled Back in Time: Gallery Daim Exhibition

Gallery Daim in Nam-gu starts the new year with a fantastic exhibition of Korean folk and antique art.

시간을 건너온 나비 전시회 – 다임 갤러리

2016년 10월 개관하여 개관전을 성공적으로 치른 다임갤러리가 2017년 신년을 맞아 한국 전통 예술품 전시로 다시 돌아온다.

Free Admission to Lee UFan Exhibit Ends September 12

Free admission for the "Space Lee Ufan" Exhibit, which opened in April, will end September 12th. An official from the Busan Museum of Art said...

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