Galleries and Museums

Public Opening of Busan Citizens’ Astronomy Observatory Returns

The Geumnyeonsan Youth Center will open the Busan Citizens’ Astronomy Observatory to the public to give people the opportunity to gaze at the stars.

Korea’s Dark Past: National Memorial Museum of Forced Mobilization Under Japanese Occupation

High on a hill near the UN Cemetery sits the National Memorial Museum of Forced Mobilization Under Japanese Occupation. Yoona Kang sat with its director, Mr. Kim Woo-lim, to discuss about the museum and its significance to Koreans.

Tea Ceremony Experience Hall at Busan Museum Reopened to the Public

Busan Museum reopened its tea ceremony experience hall in the cultural experience center.

Busan Gallery Opens at Insa Art Center in Seoul

Busan City opened the Busan Gallery on the 4th floor of the Insa Art Center in Insa-dong, Seoul on July 12.

Free Admission to the Busan Museum of Art Until May 11

To celebrate May, the month of families, the Busan Museum of Art is offering free admission until May 11th to all visitors.

Busan Bookstore F1963 to be Rich in Culture

KISWIRE’s old factory, F1963, has been transformed into an art space.

Butterflies that Traveled Back in Time: Gallery Daim Exhibition

Gallery Daim in Nam-gu starts the new year with a fantastic exhibition of Korean folk and antique art.

UN Peace Memorial Hall to Hold Gen. Walker Exhibition

The United Nations Peace Memorial Hall will hold a special exhibition to mark the 66th anniversary of the Korean War.

Space Lee Ufan Temporarily Closes Next Week

Space Lee Ufan is temporarily closed due to maintenance from Tuesday, May 24 – Sunday, May 29, 2016.

Seokdang Museum Brings New Light Show to its Historic Surroundings

The lighting ceremony for the illumination of the Seokdang Museum of Dong-A University was held on March 3rd.

시간을 건너온 나비 전시회 – 다임 갤러리

2016년 10월 개관하여 개관전을 성공적으로 치른 다임갤러리가 2017년 신년을 맞아 한국 전통 예술품 전시로 다시 돌아온다.

Busan National Science Museum Off to a Successful Start

The number of visitors to Busan National Science Museum was over 100,000 people just short of a month after it was opened.