Korean Arts & Culture

Korean Shamanistic Ritual Performance at the National Gugak Center

The Busan National Gugak Center is hosting a Korean Shamanistic Ritual performance the next two Saturday afternoons.

“Wedding Road of Queen Heo” Parade and Festival Held This Weekend

Parade and Festival “Wedding Road of Queen Heo” is set to be held at the Daeseongdong Ancient Tombs site in Gimhae and the Hwamyeong Ecological Park on November 5-6.

City Councilor Wants Discounts for People in Hanbok

An ordinance will be promoted to offer an admission fee discount to people wearing hanbok, Korean traditional clothes, when visiting public facilities.

Video: Kimchi Crazy – 101 East

Meet South Korea’s unlikeliest superstar – BJ Fitness Fairy on Al Jazeera's current affairs and documentary program.

The 209th Monthly Event of “Window to Korean Culture”

The 209th Monthly Event of Window to Korean Culture will making flower pancakes, or hwajeon, at Hongbeupsa Temple.

Weekend Listening: BBC’s Podcast on Korea as a Silent Cultural Superpower

The BBC has produced an interesting podcast about how Korean culture has managed to tap into the hearts and minds of people overseas.

Busan National Gugak Center to Open Class for Foreigners

A gugak, or traditional Korean music class for foreigners will open in the Busan National Gugak Center.

2016 Gugak Class for Foreigners

Learn a traditional Korean instrument this spring as the Busan National Gugak Center holds its "Hello, Gugak" class for foreigners.

Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival Schedule in Busan

The Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival is held in order to pray for good health and good fortune in the coming year.

Busan’s Up-and-Coming Festivals for 2016

Busan City announced that the Dongnae Eupseong History Festival and the Gwangalli Eobang Festival have been selected as Korea’s up-and-coming festivals in 2016.

Two Busan Culture Festivals Selected as 2016’s Most Promising in Korea

Two local festivals have been chosen as 'The Most Promising Culture and Tourism Festivals of 2016'.

Video: NBC’s 1st Look Highlights Korea

American travel and lifestyle program "1st Look" came to Korea to highlight what's exciting and happening around the country and features a segment of Busan.