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Busan City to Add Extra Local Buses for National Maritime Museum Visitors During Weekends

BUSAN, South Korea -- To provide convenient access via public transportation for National Maritime Museum visitors, Busan City is adding more buses to local bus route no. 66 traveling from Busan Station to Taejongdae via Jungang-dong Station and the National Maritime Museum. The five extra buses operate every weekend from March 16 to the end of May. Weekend museum visitors can use local bus no. 66 at 10-minute intervals. Bus no. 66 usually operates during weekdays at 20-minute intervals.

The National Maritime Museum also plans to operate two shuttle buses between Busan Station and the museum from April. In addition, the Busan Regional Maritime Affairs & Port Office plans to provide ferry service for museum visitors. The ferry will operate between the Coastal Ferry Terminal and the National Maritime Museum from the middle of May after a docking facility has been installed near the museum.

Interview: Busan Israel House Opens Featuring the First Holocaust Museum in Asia

BUSAN, South Korea -- Jay and Keum-won Kronish were looking for flights out of Korea when the Israeli ambassador called. There was a problem, he told them. Keum-won knew immediately what was wrong—the ambassador had asked her, a Korean native and American resident who'd retired in Israel, to find someone in Busan to lead the city's first Israeli cultural center. And she had done this—two years ago. Unfortunately, the person she recruited for the position had backed out, leaving the ambassador with a headless operation and many gears already in motion. So he asked her, flat-out, over the phone: Why don't you and your husband do it?

The Culture of Things: What Our Everyday Objects Say About Us

BUSAN, South Korea -- As I was combing through the last two year's worth of grad school notes and writings, I came across this short piece I wrote for a course called Integrating Culture into the Language Classroom. One of the main ideas in that course was that in order to be better guides to culture in our classrooms, we need to see and better understand ourselves as cultural beings, and this short assignment is addressed to that. We were asked to look around our work space and talk about three cultural artifacts that say something about who we are culturally. It was a fun exercise, and I thought I'd share the results with you.

History in the Hills: Busan’s Gamcheon Culture Village

Little ceramic birds with smirking human faces, towering metal flowers and a cow-hide patterned building: these are just a few of the quirks that...

Haeundae Restaurant Guide Book Published

Haeundae District has published the Joy of Tasting at Haeundae-Unique Delicacies, a 168-page book to promote Haeundae cuisine to tourists visiting the world-famous city. There...

Korea Facing: Interview with Korea Global Consultant Don Southerton

Korea global business expert Don Southerton has released his latest new publication, an eBook titled Korea Facing: Secrets for Success in Korean Global Business. Southerton...

Interview: Economist Correspondent and Author Daniel Tudor

For those with even a brief experience living in South Korea, there is one thing on which all will concur: they are a proud people.

Korean Censors in Retreat

Korean TV broadcaster SBS decided that female performers could wear hot pants, but couldn't expose their navels. KBS banned a music video because the singer didn't wear a seat belt.

An Exclusive Look Inside North Korea [PHOTOS]

In 1998, the late Kim Jong-il announced a new initiative with the stated aim of turning North Korea into a "strong and prosperous country" by 2012.

National Maritime Museum Reaches 310,000 Visitors in its First Month

BUSAN, South Korea -- The National Maritime Museum, located in Dongsam-dong, Yeongdo-gu, is proving to be popular right from the start. The number of visitors to the museum since its opening in July 2012 has already reached 310,000. 

According to the National Maritime Museum, the average number of visitors reached around 6,030 during weekdays and 18,000 during weekends since its opening on July 9. By August 12, the total number of visitors to the museum had reached 317,441. The reservation-based children’s museum is also popular with an average 500 visitors per day. 

The most popular spots in the museum are the major relics’ exhibition, the tunnel on the 3rd floor with about 800 species of fish, and the maritime library with its 20,000 maritime-related books.

In addition, visitors can watch a video about Dokdo once a day, at 9:30 a.m., for free.  

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