Dine & Drink

City of Busan to do Special Inspection of 2,939 Cafeterias Citywide

The city of Busan announced that it will conduct a special inspection from the 22nd to the 29th at cafeterias to further prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Enjoy a Cup of Coffee at the World’s Highest Starbucks Located in Haeundae

For those looking to enjoy their coffee in a unique atmosphere, you can enjoy it at the world's highest Starbucks located in Haeundae.

Josun Deli Offering Take-out Afternoon Tea Packages

The recently opened Josun Deli at the Grand Josun Hotel in Haeundae is offering take-out afternoon tea packages.

Enjoy Live Jazz At Gavi This Saturday Night

Every other Saturday at Gavi Wine Restaurant in Jungdong, Haeundae, enjoy your dinner with a Live Jazz Music show from 6 p.m.

Cafes Reopen for Seated Customers From Today

Cafes may now allow customers to eat and drink at their establishments until 9 pm from today.

Traditional Tea Special at “The Lounge”

Enjoy an afternoon traditional tea experience at Lotte Hotel Seomyeon's "The Lounge".

Some Convenience Store Lunch Boxes Carry 68% of Recommended Daily Sodium Intake

The average sodium intake of some convenience store lunch boxes contains up to 68% of the recommended sodium intake according to a new report.

Shuttle Delivery Adds More Options in Haeundae

Shuttle Delivery has added more delivery options in the Haeundae area.

Eat Like a Local: Spicy Braised Monkfish – Mijeong Agujjim in Nam-gu

Located around 300 meters from the UN intersection, Mijeong would be a good option if you are around UN cemetery and love to try Korean spicy braised seafood.

Enjoy an Oyster Rockefeller and Sparkling Wine Dish at McQueen’s

Indulge in a fantastic combination of fresh Tongyeong fresh oysters in the winter season with soft and light oyster gratin at McQueen's bar at the Ananti Hilton.

Ananti Cove Holding Sweet Strawberry Promotion

Ananti Cove offers a sweet and sour strawberry drink at three of its F&B locations that offer seasonal strawberries.

Park Hyatt Busan’s F&B Precautionary Measures Announced

The Park Hyatt Busan has announced its precautionary measures for their food and beverage outlets.