Busan Bites

Busan Bites: Rio Verde in Seomyeon

With a growing amount of options to pick up some tacos, or quesadillas, Rio Verde in Seomyeon is a classic taqueria that serves up some of the best in the city.

Busan Bites: Three Great Places to Get Grilled Clams

Within the great variety of Busan seafood, grilled clams are truly something to write home about.

Busan Bites: Try Mouth-Watering Traditional Korean Cuisine at Naedong

In addition to the food, the ambiance of Naedang displays all the tranquil beauty of Korea through traditional architecture, ponds, and gardens. 

Busan Bites: Myungpum Mulhoe

Headquartered at Songjeong Beach, Myungpum Mulhoe is one of Busan's most popular restaurants, with branches in Yeonsan, Gwangan, Dongnae, and Songdo Beach.

Busan Bites: Pohang Hoeghwan

Specializing in soups made with halfbeak fish and stingray, Pohang Hoeghwan is unique in its preparation of soup.

Busan Bites: Mangmi-dong’s Terarosa

Specialty coffees and teas, with delicious desserts, are all part of the charm in this unique cafe.

Busan Bites: Three of the Best Places to Get Jjajangmyeon in the City

Here are three great places around the city if you're looking to try a bowl yourself.

Busan Bites: Original No. 18 Wandang House Balguksu

The restaurant, well-known throughout the city has carried on its family business across three generations, opening in 1947.

Busan Bites: Chang Thai Noodles in Centum City

Chang Thai Noodles, located on the first floor of the Centum Hotel across from BEXCO in Haeundae-gu, serves up a small sample of Thai treats in its intimate diner.

Busan Bites: Yeongseon Bulgogi

Yeongseon Bulgogi has been satisfying hungry patrons for almost a half century.

Busan Bites: Sinpyeongga Sagyejeol Naengmyeon

Garnished with meat slices, shredded cucumber and boiled eggs surrounded by thin ice, this "Pyeongyang-style" naengmyeon is a complete meal.

Busan Bites: Maitre Artisan Bakery In Namcheon-dong

Maitre Artisan, which translates to "master craftsman" in English, is operated by French chef Damien Guilleux.