Eat Like a Local

Great places to eat around Korea.

Eat Like a Local: Heaven in a Bowl – Somunnan Kalguksu in Oncheon-dong

Located in Oncheon1-dong, this restaurant is famous for Naeng Kalguksu; icy kalguksu. All the ingredients are fresh, including vegetables from a countryside farm every week.

Eat Like a Local: Busan Steak of Mind at Haeundae’s Piggy Bistro

No longer a well-kept foodie secret, Piggy Bistro in Haeundae thrives in presenting authentic western dishes with outstanding food and an intimate atmosphere.

Eat Like a Local: Geodae Gomtang in Marine City

On a recent trip to Haeundae, my dining partner and I decided to try Geodae Gomtang located at Benecity-Venezia in Marine City, which I'd heard is a food blogger's favorite in Busan.

Eat Like a Local: Old-Style Korean Pork Cutlets – Ms. and Mr. Wang Tongasu

Any Korean, who has memories of going to a street market with mom or with friends after school, would remember the Korean tongasu in 1980s or 1990s. Here you can taste the good memories.

Eat Like a Local: What’s on Offer at IKEA’s Food Court

Known also for its tasty on-site offerings, its third-floor restaurant is usually one of the first stops people make to check out their scrumptious, affordable eats.

Eat Like a Local: Casual Dining Korean-Style – Hyangyujae in Yongho-dong and Cheongsapo

As the local dining scene continues to expand its options, casual dining has become a hot trend among locals looking for quality meals at affordable prices.

Eat Like a Local: Oyster Soup, a Korean Winter Delicacy – Hanmadang Tongyeong Sutbul Jangeogui

Located about 20 meters from Beomnaegol subway gate 4 in Busanjin-gu, Hanmadand Tongyeong Sutbul Jangeogui is a specialized restaurant quite famous for its grilled eel and jangeo tang, a Korean-style spicy eel stew using fresh eel from the waters off Tongyeong.

Eat Like a Local: Enjoy Shabu Shabu with a Stunning View – Shabu Maxim in Songjeong

With stunning views of the ocean, you can heal the winter blues while enjoying a delicious meal at an affordable price at Shabu Maxim in Songjeong.

Eat Like a Local: A Quiet and Cozy Bar in Seomyeon – Purple Moon

Sometimes you need a fun and cheerful place to enjoy drinking and the atmosphere, and other times you want a comfortable and quiet place to enjoy drinking and being with people you love. This place is the latter.

Eat Like a Local: For Lovers of Duck Bulgogi – Ildeungga in Gijang

On the fourth floor of the building on the main road before Hilton Busan in Gijang, Ildeungga opens every day for duck meat lovers at affordable prices.

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