Eat Like a Local

Busan Bites: Chi Chi Boo Japanese Ramen

Located in the Golden Mercia Building in Marine City, Chi Chi Boo is a Japanese ramen lovers delight.

Eat Like a Local: Shabu-Shabu Delight – Shabuya on Dalmaji Hill

Lovers of Shabu Shabu have made it into an all-season meal. Shabuya on Dalmaji Hill provides a great ambience, delicious food and a great night out for a date, family or gathering of friends.

Eat Like a Local: All Busan and Gyeongsangnam-do Makgeolli – Anjung

A special Korean restaurant Anjung offers various makgeolli and cheongju. They are picky about seasoning and ingredients and you cannot go wrong with their homemade style anju.

Eat Like a Local: Step into the Land of Smiles at Thaibin in Oncheon-dong

Located about 590 meters from Exit 5 of Myeongryun subway station, Thaibin's large, beautiful exterior invites you into their modern two-story interior filled with greenery and unique decorations while the outside terrace has bungalows for a more intimate dining experience.

Eat Like a Local: Spicy Braised Monkfish – Mijeong Agujjim in Nam-gu

Located around 300 meters from the UN intersection, Mijeong would be a good option if you are around UN cemetery and love to try Korean spicy braised seafood.

Eat Like a Local: Savory Korean Full-Course Meals – Gugane Hanjeongsik

In Mangmi-dong, Suyeong-gu, Gugane offers an awesome Korean traditional meal at a reasonalble price. You can enjoy the fine collection of well-known Korean side dishes carefully made by the owner/chef.

Eat Like a Local: Stylish Izakaya Eats at Maeryo 36.5 in Kyungsung

A long time favorite izakaya in the heart of the Kyungsung University area, Maeryo 36.5 is a stylish, trendy dining and drinking spot offering delicious Japanese favorites.

Eat Like a Local: I Hwa Soo Traditional Yukgaejang in Marine City

Recently opened on the first floor at Hanil Ordew in Marine City, I Hwa Soo Jeontong Yukgaejang is a popular nationwide chain that serves up delicious modern and traditional bowls of spicy beef soup.

Eat Like a Local: Four Generations of Traditional Cuisine – Dongnae Halmae Pajeon

Dongnae Halmae Pajeon is one of the very few restaurants still around that have kept the traditional cuisine and original recipe for Dongnae pajeon.

Eat Like a Local: Maeul Bunsik — Busanjin Market’s Favorite Go-To

Located in the alley behind Busanjin Market, Maeul Bunsik offers inexpensive and very delicious food. Dangmyeon (bibim cellophane noodle) and gimbap is by far the locals' favorite.

Eat Like a Local: Three Generations of Hearty Soup – Taehwa Yukgaejang in Seomyeon

Located about 150 meters from Seomyeon Subway Station gate 9, Taehwa Yukgaejang has maintained a family recipe that has satisfied customers in the city for the past 57 years.

Eat Like a Local: Heart Smart Hanjeongsik – Andong Boribap in Gijang

Located around 300 meters from Yonggungsa Temple and also not far from the Hilton Busan, Andong Boribap offers a gratifying Korean dining experience.