Eat Like a Local

Eat Like a Local: I Hwa Soo Traditional Yukgaejang in Marine City

Recently opened on the first floor at Hanil Ordew in Marine City, I Hwa Soo Jeontong Yukgaejang is a popular nationwide chain that serves up delicious modern and traditional bowls of spicy beef soup.

Eat Like a Local: Four Generations of Traditional Cuisine – Dongnae Halmae Pajeon

Dongnae Halmae Pajeon is one of the very few restaurants still around that have kept the traditional cuisine and original recipe for Dongnae pajeon.

Eat Like a Local: Maeul Bunsik — Busanjin Market’s Favorite Go-To

Located in the alley behind Busanjin Market, Maeul Bunsik offers inexpensive and very delicious food. Dangmyeon (bibim cellophane noodle) and gimbap is by far the locals' favorite.

Eat Like a Local: Three Generations of Hearty Soup – Taehwa Yukgaejang in Seomyeon

Located about 150 meters from Seomyeon Subway Station gate 9, Taehwa Yukgaejang has maintained a family recipe that has satisfied customers in the city for the past 57 years.

Eat Like a Local: Heart Smart Hanjeongsik – Andong Boribap in Gijang

Located around 300 meters from Yonggungsa Temple and also not far from the Hilton Busan, Andong Boribap offers a gratifying Korean dining experience.

Eat Like a Local: High Quality Meals with Reasonable Prices at Insaeng Hoetjip in Igidae

Insaeng Hoetjip hits all the right notes for those looking for some affordable raw fish and seafood dishes after a nice hike around Igidae.

Eat Like a Local: 20 Years of Tradition – Busan Milmyeon in Suyeong-gu

One of Busan's representative foods, Milmyeon (wheat noodles) has a long history, and of course, there are many famous restaurants for it in Busan. Among them, Busan Milmyeon is at the top of the list.

Eat Like a Local: Mouthwatering Delights at Gavi Wine House in Jung-dong

A long time favorite in the city, Gavi Wine House offers great food, wine, and a delightful dining experience.

Eat Like a Local: French Delights at De Marigny in Marine City

Operated by the popular OPS bakery, De Marigny aims to please in their cafe and brasserie that offers simple food in an elegant setting.

Eat Like a Local: “Beer Shop”, Gorilla Brewing Company’s New Summertime Pop-up

Gorilla Brewing Company has converted its old brewery into a collaboration pop-up shop featuring six great craft beers from across the country.

Eat Like a Local: Come for the View, Stay for the Tea at Cafe Afternoon Tea in Millak-dong

Among the plethora of cafes in the city, Cafe Afternoon Tea in Millak-dong provides a beautiful space dedicated to tea in the heart of the city.

Eat Like a Local: 30 Years of Know-how – Eonyang Hanu Yanggopchang

Having been located around Suyeong intersection area for 30 years, this hanu intestines restaurant has found the optimal recipe by aging the meat for three days.