Eat Like a Local

Eat Like a Local: Experience an 80’s-Style Korean Meat Restaurant – Hasukjip in Centum

Around 500 meters from Busan Cinema Center, the spacious pork restaurant, Hasukjip, welcomes meat and soju lovers alike.

Eat Like a Local: Homemade Food Done Right – Jipbap Yein in Millak

For those looking for a Korean home-style cooked meal, Jipbap Yein is definitely worth the effort to find.

Eat Like a Local: North Korean Style Pyeongyang Naengmyeon – Sariwon at Shinsegae Department Store

As the popularity of Pyeongyang naengmyeon has grown over the years, Sariwon opened up a new location at Shinsegae Department Store in Centum run by their next generation.

Eat Like a Local: A Legendary Busan Eatery – Wonjo Halmae Gukbap in Haeundae

For 57 years, Wonjo Halmae Gukbap has been serving delicious bowls of gukbap in the Haeundae district.

Eat Like a Local: Breathtaking Views – Edge 993 Bar in Mipo

Edge 993 Bar, located on the top of their recently opened pension, offers a fantastic experience with stunning views of Haeundae and Mipo.

Eat Like a Local: Enjoy Nature at Star Lounge Brunch Cafe in Cheongsapo

Star Lounge, an all-day brunch café, has become one of the lastest trendy hotspots in Cheongsapo.

Eat Like a Local: Choose Your Own Cocktail Shooters at 61224 in Haeundae

Within walking distance from Haeundae beach, 61224 is the first and only shooter bar chain in Korea and the sole location in Busan.

Eat like a Local: Baudeogi, A Korean-Style Hanok Dining Experience in Gijang

Consisting of beautiful hanok houses on the coastline, Baudeogi is a great choice to enjoy mouthwatering traditional Korean cuisine for any occasion.

Eat Like a Local: Traditional Kalguksu at Ssangdungi Bunsik in Namcheon-dong

While there are many traditional Korean restaurants to choose from around the city, SSangdungi Bunsik in Namcheon Market delivers fresh meals by three loving ladies who take care of their customers as if they were family.

Eat Like a Local: Fresh Seafood Sets at Haenyeochon in Gijang

Gijang Haenyeochon is a must for diners looking for a wide variety of seafood caught fresh from the local seas.

Eat Like a Local: Hanu Bulgogi with Hot Soup at The Mat in Daeyeon-dong

Located across from the Traffic Broadcasting Network Busan around Pukyong National University, The Mat has served various Korean-style hanu dishes for five years since its open.

Eat Like a Local: Fusion Vietnamese at Phoian in Yongho-dong

Located on the first floor of W Square in Yongho-dong, the newly opened Phoian doesn't quite hit the mark with authentic Vietnamese food but offers tasty treats nonetheless.