Restaurants & Cafés

Eat Like a Local: Shabu-Shabu Delight – Shabuya on Dalmaji Hill

Lovers of Shabu Shabu have made it into an all-season meal. Shabuya on Dalmaji Hill provides a great ambience, delicious food and a great night out for a date, family or gathering of friends.

Traditional Tea Special at “The Lounge”

Enjoy an afternoon traditional tea experience at Lotte Hotel Seomyeon's "The Lounge".

“Pain. Pain. Pain.” Artisan Bakery Coming to Marine City Next Year

"Pain. Pain. Pain." Artisan Bakery, a popular boulangerie located in Millak-dong is moving to Marine City in February.

Enjoy an Afternoon Tea Set at Lotte Hotel’s The Lounge & Bar

Enjoy afternoon tea in a variety of compositions presented at The Lounge & Bar on the first floor of the landmark Seomyeon hotel in downtown Busan.

Busan Bites: Mangmi-dong’s Terarosa

Specialty coffees and teas, with delicious desserts, are all part of the charm in this unique cafe.

Eat Like a Local: Come for the View, Stay for the Tea at Cafe Afternoon Tea in Millak-dong

Among the plethora of cafes in the city, Cafe Afternoon Tea in Millak-dong provides a beautiful space dedicated to tea in the heart of the city.

Enjoy One of the City’s Open-terrace Cafes

The onslaught of summer heat is near an end and its the perfect time to seek out shade at one of the city's open air cafes.

Openings: Gaonbi Coffee Shop in Myeongji-dong

'Gaonbi', a is a newly opened specialty coffee shop in the civil service waiting room on the 1st floor of the Myeongji-dong vehicle registration office.

Eat Like a Local: Old-Style Korean Pork Cutlets – Ms. and Mr. Wang Tongasu

Any Korean, who has memories of going to a street market with mom or with friends after school, would remember the Korean tongasu in 1980s or 1990s. Here you can taste the good memories.

Ice Coffee Sales Rise as Warmer Winter Weather Remains

As warmer than normal winter temperatures have occurred in Korea this year, the popularity of iced coffees and drinks usually consumed in the summer has continued.

Busan Bites: Maitre Artisan Bakery In Namcheon-dong

Maitre Artisan, which translates to "master craftsman" in English, is operated by French chef Damien Guilleux.

Enjoy a Great View and Coffee at Sinki Cafe in Yeongdo

Take in a grand view of Busan Harbor Bridge on the Sinki Cafe rooftop in Yeongdo.