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Busan Bites: Legit Coffee Roasters Lives Up to Its Name

Tucked away off the main road in Yangjeong, halfway between Yangjeong and City Hall stations, Legit Coffee Roasters is a great spot to get an early morning caffeine fix.

Three Cafes to Check Out in Mangmi-Dong

Mangmi-dong is becoming the latest hot spot for coffee consumers in Busan. This residential area has even garnered a new nickname, Mangmidan-gil, after the popular cafe area Gyeongnidan-gil Road in Seoul.

Busan Bites: Beautiful Views and French Cuisine at Merciel

One of the city's most iconic restaurants, Merciel is another restaurant to visit and take in the night views that Busan has to offer.

35 Most Romantic Cafes to Visit in Busan

The City of Busan will provide support for 35 local cafés that have been selected as "romantic cafes".

Busan Bites: Cafe Choryang 1941 Offers a Japanese Feel

Built in a converted 1941 Japanese-style cottage, Cafe Choryang 1941 has become a popular stop for Instagram photographers and those looking for a unique experience in Busan.

Eat Like a Local: Brunch with Me, Sunshine – Maison de Mare in Songjeong

Maison de Mare is a sun-drenched paradise, and even on a rainy day, the view is beautiful and romantic. Their homemade style food, brunch, salad, pizza and tongasu will add to your happy memories.

Busan Bites: Cafe With a Spanish Twist at Bujeon’s Dennis

Dennis is a very cool factory style cafe tucked away near Bujeon station right near Song Sang-hyeon Square.

Busan Bites: Enjoy a Lovely Patio Brunch at Marine Terrace Cafe

While brunch and outdoor patio's are nothing new to the dining scene in Busan, Terrace Cafe in Marine City is another that offers great views and fantastic, fresh food.

Haeundae Leads the Way in Starbucks Locations in Busan

Haeundae district currently has the most Starbucks locations in Busan, with one district in the city yet to have a location.

Eat Like a Local: Dwaeji Gukbap Heals the Winter Blues

Although Dwaeji-Gukbap is much loved in Busan all year round, it seems we need it more in the winter; it will fill your hunger for food and warmness as well as even loneliness.

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