Major Department Stores Postponing Spring Sales Events

Major department stores in Busan have postponed their spring sales events due to the coronavirus pandemic around the country.

Will New Online Korean Films and Series Increase the Popularity and Reach of Korean Cinema?

Take a look at three releases that have been picked up by streaming services that have the capabilities to expand the reach of Korean cinema.

Lime Scooters Restricted From Dongbaeksom, Haeundae Beach

Haeundae-gu has announced that Lime Scooters and other electric scooters will be restricted at Haeundae Beach and Dongbaeksom.

Relax in Style With the Ananti “Namhae Package”

Ananti Namhae has announced its new penthouse package to enjoy the comforts of home with beautiful views of the sea.

BFIC Offering Psychological Support for COVID-19

The Busan Foundation for International Cooperation is offering free psychological support for foreigners in Busan.

Korea’s Movie Theater Chains Begin “Seat Separation” Policies

Movie theaters in Korea have begun to implement "seat separation" policies, adding a safe distance between moviegoers as the current coronavirus situation continues in the country.

IKEA Reopens After Being Quarantined on Saturday

Busan's Dongbu IKEA store was shut down on Saturday morning by the Busan Health Department early Saturday morning as it was found out a recent coronavirus patient had visited the store.

Many Koreans Staying Away from the Dentist

The dental industry is taking a beating in Korea, as coronavirus fears from customers are canceling one reservation after another.

5 Casino Hotspots In Asia

Asia offers a host of hotspots for casino fans to visit, whether you are looking for the glitz and glamour of ultramodern destinations or a trip to a more traditional type of gambling venue.

Check Out Cartoon Network’s Animated PSA For Good Hygiene Practices for Kids

Cartoon Network has launched an animated public service campaign aimed at kids focusing on good hygiene practices, in support of global efforts to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

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