Tharp On: America

Whether you love Americans, hate Americans or could care less either way, it's not always easy being born of the red, white and blue.

Red Hot Comedian Kyle Kinane One Night Only in Busan this Week

Yes, it is true. It's happening again. Every year or so, the planets align and the stars converge and an actual, living, breathing, real professional comedian stops off at our humble port city and delivers the yuks to a boozy crowd of laugh-hungry expats.

Tharp On: Money

Let's start with the obvious: being poor sucks. There's nothing fun about it. A certain amount of poverty may be slightly romantic for say, six months in your early 20s, but it wears thin quickly.

Feature: The Ha-Ha Hole Enters its Fourth Year of Bringing the Funny

Tonight you are making your, what, fourth? fifth? appearance at The Haha Hole, Busan's monthly open-mic stand-up comedy night. Yeah, you know it's just an open-mic, it's just a hobby, but you take it seriously. Started in November, 2009, it has become a first-Friday-of-every-month Busan institution. You want to be worthy of the two free drink tickets.

Tharp On: Coffee

Contrary to what you have all been told, the beverage known as coffee was actually invented in Seattle in 1872 by a civil war cavalry veteran named Obadiah Coffee. He was working as a cook in a logging camp at the time.

The Asia Fail: The Foundering of Foreigners Abroad

In the Old World, people went to the New World to start anew. Once America became settled, folks would head out West to shake away their demons,

Tharp On: Marriage

It's done. After 41 years of debauchery, debasement and delirious distraction, I finally closed my eyes, took that deep breath and leapt from the cliff into the surging ocean of respectability.

Tharp On: Baseball

Ah, fall in Busan. Is there any better time of the year? The brutal, sweaty summer—with its endless volley of typhoons—sputters and dies, and cool air and clear skies prevail.

Tharp: Opening Night Diplomacy

I'd met Wilkine at the fest a couple of years before. He was living in Jeju at the time, teaching and writing, though he hails from Miami, where he previously made a name for himself as a spoken-word artist.

Tharp On: Health Care

This past June the United States Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act—better known as Obamacare—in a 5-4 decision that had the whole country...

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