L.A. Billboard: Even if You Look Like Kim Jong-un, You Can Still Have an Affair

LOS ANGELES, California --, a US online dating firm that introduces people who are bored with love between the marital sheets and are looking for an extramarital hook up, has placed a billboard at the Los Angeles International Airport featuring North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, with the caption reading:

'Affairs Now Guaranteed! Even if you look like him.'

Tharp On: Summer

It's summer here on the peninsula – or, as I like to refer to it, The Great Gush – that time of year when sweat pours forth through my pores like a fat guy trekking in the Congo.

Brian Aylward on Comedy, Korea and Injecting Ham in His Toes

For many of us, Korea is just too damn much fun. We live fast and hard and wild and keep responsibility at an arm's length, putting it off until the eventual migration home, where we skulk back into the confines of ‘real life'.

Does MBC Deserve the Pulitzer?

BUSAN, South Korea -- In response to the outpouring of negative statements concerning The Shocking Reality About Relationships With Foreigners, I wanted to examine the possibility that it could actually be a fine piece of news production, editing and thoughtful commentary that...

No, no, no. That intro simply won't fly; what follows is pure self-indulgence. Rarely for a writer does such an irresistible topic come along so worthy of satiric appraisal.

Below I will analyze the segments encompassing MBC's five-minute feature for its Jerry Springer-esque brilliance—with all its sensationalized xenophobic dribble in tow.

After examining each segment, I will rate them on an ascending four-point system. For reference, the video has been posted at the bottom.

Tharp On: Music

British heavy metal titans Judas Priest played in Seoul a while back as part of their official Farewell Tour but I was out of the country at the time, so alas, I couldn't go.

Tharp: Into Sumatra Part IV

There we were, packed into yet another tin can of a van which rattled and screamed down the road away from Bukkittingi. Hell bent, Hell bent for Padang. The driver was up to the usual shenanigans that I'd come to expect from anyone behind the wheel in Indonesia: being a suicidal dick.

Tharp: Into Sumatra Part III

The bus station in Parapet was sad, even by Indonesian standards: empty and neglected, with just the odd minibus lurching in to drop off or pick up a passenger or two.

Tharp: Into Sumatra Part II

We left for Indonesia early the next morning via a mercifully short flight on Air Asia, the continent's premier discount carrier. It flies out of its own airport in KL, which Sam later dubbed The Air Asia Sky Ghetto.

Tharp: Into Sumatra Part I

Hong Kong was cold—much more than I remembered it—which came as a surprise. I was expecting a sub-tropical middle ground between Korea and Malaysia—no jacket required--but was instead greeted by an indifferent city whose skyscrapers.

Tharp On: Korean Food

Let me proclaim this loud and clear: I absolutely love Korean food, in all of its pungent, prickly, zesty, pickled, be-tentacled goodness.

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