New Comedy Show Starting to Turn Some Ears

BUSAN, South Korea -- First, Busan eFM (90.5FM) is Busan’s only all-English radio station. From what I can surmise from the few times I’ve listened to the station, is that the programs are intended for Korean people who want to learn English. Fair enough.

The hosts are cheerful if not a bit bland and the subject matter covered on the several shows that run throughout the week is quite similar – wacky things in the news, what’s going on in Korea (festivals, events, etc.) and music that breaks down to  about 70-30 Western pop to K pop. Generally, not something I would even listen to back home. 

Tharp On: Leaving

When I first came to Korea, I was in heaven. I couldn't believe my good fortune. This is truly awesome, I thought. I loved it so much that I'd have regular nightmares about going home.

Tharp: Man About BIFF

I started this year's festival by stopping by the spanky new Busan Cinema Center, the curvy silver behemoth that looks like it was designed by a guy peaking on acid.

Tharp On: Drinking in Korea

When coming to Korea, you are struck by the contradictions that slap you in face on a daily basis: strangers politely bow to each other, yet spit, jostle, and throw hard elbows on the street or subway; in many respects the culture appears to be rigid

Tharp On: Travel

I came to Korea to savor Asia and see more of the world, and I must say that I've succeeded marvelously, though what began as a benign passion has now raged into a full-blown addiction.

Tharp On Holidays

It's that time of year again, when the temperature drops and Siberian winds slice down onto the Peninsula. Everywhere you go you hear a chorus of young women repeating the phrase Ah chew-eo! Chew-eo!, in that plaintive whine that only can be produced by the mouth of a shivering, 40 kilogram Korean girl.

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