Radiohead, Stone Roses to Play at Jisan Valley Rock Festival

Update: For information about tickets, you can go here.

ICHEON, South Korea - English bands Radiohead and the Stone Roses have been announced as two of the acts to perform at this year's Jisan Valley Rock Festival.

The festival, which came into existence in 2009, is a three day rock fest which takes place this year from the 27th-29th of July at the Jisan Valley Resort, in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province. Though younger than the Pentaport Rock Festival, it has quickly become one of the biggest festivals in the country.

Last year, Suede, Incubus and the Chemical Brothers were the headliners of the show, which featured 39 different acts over the three days.

As Competition Grows, More Teachers Turn to TESOL

BUSAN, South Korea - With the recent cuts of teachers by the Seoul Metropolitan Board of Education and in Gyeonggi-do, there will be a plethora of teachers looking for a job this spring, suddenly finding themselves without a place to teach.

With the recent, and future cutbacks which are planning to happen around the peninsula, the competition for jobs is going to be fierce. 

As prospects become more bleak, and being in a job market saturated with teachers, anything you can do to make yourself more attractive to employers is a plus. Gone are the days when just setting foot on the peninsula, degree in hand, could guarantee you employment.

K-pop World Festival a Big Success

CHANGWON - The 2011 World K-pop Festival was held in Changwon on December 7th, with over 10,000 fans packing the Changwon Venodrome. The festival was organized by KBS TV and Changwon City in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Presidential Council on Nation Branding.

The festival brought 21 teams from 16 different countries, including Vietnam, Argentina, Peru, England, and Japan, and 10 teams made it to the final round. Over 30,000 people from around the world had initially tried out for the show.

Every Single Day for Fourteen Years

SEOUL, South Korea --While K-Pop rules the roost here, Korea is also home to a vibrant indie music scene. On any given night, it’s not unusual for the Hongdae District in Seoul to have thirty different bands playing gigs. While Busan’s scene is not nearly as strong, it does hold the distinction of producing some of the more successful indie talent that have made the migration to Seoul in search of fame and fortune.

London Scat Party is Back

BUSAN, South Korea -- In my decidely un-humble opinion, Busan has the best local live music scene in Korea. And one of the hardest working bands for the last two years has been London Scat Party. Yet, we almost lost them earlier this year.

Documentary at BIFF Features Soundtrack by Busan Expats

BUSAN, South Korea -- Deep within the heart of cinema is an understated language, transcribed by the moving image, and interpreted on an emotional level by the audience. What some people may not know is that virtually every country with a prominent film industry has seen a revolution; an era in filmmaking which brought about significant changes to the way movies are made. Putting all of this into context begs the question: What do we really know about the history of Korean cinema?

Club Realize: Busan’s Home for Metal

BUSAN, South Korea -- As you watch the rapid movements of the band on stage, the whirling lights and the laser beams darting over head, you can't help but notice the high quality sound making its way out of the speakers. Club Realize in Kyungsung has some of the best sound equipment in Busan, and owner, Jinsu Bae, and his two good friends, Kirk Kwon and Ed Campbell are the driving force behind it all.

Five Questions for Pinnacle TheHustler

At what point in your life did you realize you wanted to go into the music business? And why Korea? Did you consider or explore other artistic options back home or in other countries?

Review: Billie Jean Bar

BUSAN, South Korea -- There are several things I look for in a bar and Billie Jean touches upon nearly all of them. The atmosphere is cozy, brick and varnished wood walls hung with sparse light, the music set at just the right volume so I can carry a conversation, a good burger and a steak, a regulation size pool table, darts and live music on the weekends.

Rain’s Plagiarism Charges. Did He Really Bite?

BUSAN, South Korea -- While accusations and explanations fly and a buzzing hive of fans rises up on their chosen sides, the central question remains: Did Korean megastar Rain, with his newly released musical ode to Busan Women, bite off of Rapael Saadiq's 2004 song to the girls in Detroit?

The short answer: No. It hops along at a similar gait, but they are two different songs. 

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