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Going Holistic: Getting in Shape for the New Year

 Some roll their eyes at the concept of New Year's resolutions, but who doesn't love the prospect of starting a new year with a...

Brute Force: The Art of Taekwondo

Expats in Busan are getting a lesson in Korean culture unlike any other. Led by Argentinian native Santiago Pinto, these waegookin are learning to...

Notes on Visiting a Korean Acupuncture Clinic

Necessary pretext: I am a nervous laugher. I laugh uncontrollably in bad situations. I've laughed at funerals, giggled at being dumped, chuckled at the...

An Expat`s Guide to Going to the Gyno in Korea

Going to the gynecologist in Korea is a lot like getting your hair cut here. It's an unknown, which makes it scary. Horror stories...

Urban Training: Get Your Beach Body on the Beach

For many of us it's a little late to get into beach shape. So why not get your beach body while you're on the...

Footpath Between Oncheoncheon Stream and Suyeong River Finally Connected

Recently, Busan City has completed the 685 meter long stretch of footpath from Oncheoncheon's Allak-gyo Bridge, Allak-dong, Dongnae-gu to the stream's confluence with the...

Getting Tough: Korean Smokers Passed Over for Job Promotions

With nearly 45 percent of the male population being admitted smokers, it's hard to walk a few steps down the sidewalk in South Korea without passing through a cloud of second-hand smoke.

Zumba Now in Busan

In this city you can easily find yoga, salsa, K-pop classes or even free outdoor gyms for your cardio needs. A major lack has...

Eddie Glayzer’s Journey Across Asia

With the Korean language being a difficult language to master, some people find choosing a hobby in Korea can be a difficult task as...

Review: Traditional Thai Massage

BUSAN, South Korea -- It’s fair to say that one of the saddest places on earth is the departure terminal at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. I have experienced this death-of-holiday melancholy several times when, after checking in, passing through immigration and then security, it hits you all at once: you are going back to your life and leaving this wonderful piece of the planet.

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