HQ Bar


The Overview

HQ Bar is your place in KSU for drunken mistake-making. We have an ever-expanding variety of microbrew bottles and craft beers on tap; an extensive selection of late-night pub grub; rugby, football, and kung fu movies; and a music selection that, according to our customers, isn't awful.

U2 Bar

Lounge/Dance Bar/Live Bands. Darts. U2 has been popular forever. Gre

Great lounge atmosphere with big booths to melt into after stepping off the dance floor.

Great management and friendly staff.


Oliver Stone Pops into PIFF

BUSAN, South Korea -- In Oliver Stone’s world, there are culprits and there are villains pulling the strings somewhere or another. In the case of his latest movie, the remake of the film, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”, the bad guys are the bankers.

These were words uttered by the Academy Award director during his press conference at the Grand Hotel in Haeundae Thursday afternoon.

‘Au Revoir Taipei’. Say ‘Ni Hao’ to a Great Flick

Au Revoir, Taipei

Taiwan l 2010 l 85min

Director Arvin Chen

Starring Amber Kuo, Jack Yao

Juliette Binoche: A Life of Acting

BUSAN, South Korea - For Academy Award winner Juliette Binoche, the experience of acting is an experience of life. She produced and starred in her own stage production at 17 and then by the time she was 22 had established herself as a strong presence in French Film.

Aftershock: My Favorite Film thus Far at PIFF


China l 2010 l 128min

Director FENG Xiaogang

Late Autumn: Cursed with a Directionless Narrative

Late Autumn


2010 l 115min

Directed by KIM Tae-yong

Starring TANG Wei, HYUN Bin


And So it Ends. PIFF Wraps up its 15th Year

BUSAN, South Korea -  And so it ends. The 15th Pusan International Film Festival came to a close Friday night with another packed house who came to watch the closing ceremonies and the final film “Camellia”, a Korean/Japanese/Thailand co-production shot in Busan.

Willem Dafoe, the Canadians, AP & Trying to Remember

BUSAN, South Korea - The evening started off simply enough. Chevy and I in front of the Family Mart training him how to record video with my camera. This may seem elementary but, as some of you may remember, it was Chevy who I handed my camera to in the Lotte Giant’s dugout in hopes of getting a good photo of myself and baseball legend, Lee Dae Ho. Chevy took a choice shot of our stomachs, totally cutting out our faces--you can understand my concern as we prepared to go to the Willem Dafoe press conference.

Day Two: From Morning til’ Morning

BUSAN, South Korea -- The second day of the Pusan International Film Festival was a busy one: New Jurors Press Conference at 10 a.m., Won Bin and the Adjusshi cast at noon, Chinese actress Tang Wei and Hyun Bin at 4 p.m., American actor Willem Defoe at 6:30 and finally, Indian beauty Aishwariya Rai and crew at 8:30 p.m.

That, is a full day at PIFF.

While covering the event, the between press conferences is the “long wait”. Waiting for hopefully an on-time guest, or waiting for a hopeful interesting interview.