Helpful Tax Tips for Foreigners Filing Taxes in Korea

With tax season once again upon us, here are a few tips from the National Tax Service (NTS) to help file your taxes in Korea.

Busan Cinema Center Hosting Music Movie Special 2021

The Busan Cinema Center is hosting a music movie special until February 9th.

Jay Jeon Stepping Down as BIFF Director

In a surprise move at the Busan International Film Festival, Jay Jeon is stepping down as director on January 31 after his three-year post expires.

“Fierce Dog” Owners Required to Have Insurance By Next Month

Owners of dogs considered by the government as "fierce" breeds will need to own insurance for their pets by the middle of next month.

First Animal Companion Playground to be Built at North Port Campsite

The city's first animal companion playground is to be built on the site of the North Port campsite.

Online: Busan Beauty & Cosmetics Sale Festival Begins Today

The Busan Beauty & Cosmetics Sale Festival will be held online from today through January 29th featuring great sales of up to 30% on items.

Life in Busan: What It’s Like to Live in Kyodae

In our fifth installment, we talked to Korean Yeo-rin Kim about the ins and outs of life in Kyodae.

Here’s What to Expect When the New E-mart Traders Opens in Yeonje-gu

While the opening of the new Yeonsan E-mart Traders in Yeonje-gu is not only exciting shoppers, it is also raising major concerns about adding more to the notoriously bad traffic situation already in the area.

Current Social Distancing Rules (Level 2.5) in Busan

The 2.5 social distancing level, including additional enhanced quarantine measures for the Busan area, has been extended until Sunday, January 31, 2021.

The 2021 All Digital Consumer Electronics Show — CES Trends and Take-aways

Surveying the CES Show’s exhibitors and media coverage three trends stand out.

International School of Koje Students Scale the School Walls

This week, our intrepid middle school students literally went over the top when they completed their latest challenge for the new entry point; abseiling from the top of the school campus.

Netflix to Release More Korean Webtoon Series in 2021

Fresh off the rising popularity of Korean webtoons "Sweet Home" and "The Uncanny Counter", Netflix is set to release several new movie adaptations of the popular dramas.